Home break-ins have surged since April 2021, with 1,975,700 burglaries reported to the police from April to July across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. While crime figures were down by 22% in 2020 compared to 2019 (due to the first lockdown), it’s clear that thieves have since bounced back.

Knowing how to burglar proof your home is key if you want to protect your valuables and keep your home safe and secure. Here is some home security advice – including things like security alarms and high security door locks – to give you complete peace of mind.

1) Install a security alarm

Alarms can act as a deterrent for criminals, but beware that a lot of dummy alarms have tell-tale signs that give you away. So it’s best to invest in a fully-working alarm.

Some of the most popular alarms being used today have a front door camera, allowing you to answer you door even if you are out or away on holiday. This gives the illusion that your home is not vacant, and you can see exactly who is outside your door at any time.

2) Get high security door locks

Almost a third of burglaries are committed by lock snapping! And it can take thieves just a few minutes or less to get into your home using this method.

So upgrading to the latest snap safe technology is highly recommended by professional locksmiths.

As experts in home security, we recommend changing your locks every few years. This prevents the risk of having old keys in circulation, and also keeps you one step ahead of the criminals when it comes to high security door lock mechanisms.

3) Change your locks when you move home

When you buy a new house, it’s important to get your locks changed. There’s no way of knowing how many sets of keys are out there (and who has access to them). This is great home security advice for landlords too, who have a high tenant turnover.

For anyone who has had people move out, this is a good time to switch the locks over. Even when keys are handed back in, it’s not possible to know if copies were made.

4) Lock all doors and windows at night

A lot of home break-ins happen because of opportunist thieves. So be careful about leaving downstairs windows unattended, and never forget to lock all windows and doors when you go to sleep at night.

Leaving doors unlocked during the day should be avoided too, as burglars can quickly come inside and grab your wallet, phone and car keys while you are preoccupied in another room.

5) Be careful with social media

One overlooked part of knowing how to burglar proof your home is governing your own activity online. Posting your location (or posting holiday photos) can alert burglars that you’re away. Furthermore, posting luxury items can show potential thieves what you own.

To stay safe on social sites, make profiles private and be extra vigilant about the type of content you share with others.

To upgrade your front door locks, back door locks or window locks, get in touch with Locksecure 247. We can install the best anti-snap high security door locks on the market, offering a virtually impenetrable layer of protection for your home! Call 0800 246 1890 to find out more.